Best Cellular Plans

Best Cellular Plans

No Contract, No Credit Check, No Hassles. You Deserve the Best!

Plan Options Include:

  • Unlimited Calling Options
  • Multiple Carrier Networks
  • 30 day bundled price plans
  • Free Nationwide Long Distance
  • Voicemail, Caller ID & Call Waiting
  • Cross-Carrier Family Plans
Cellular Phones


Great Phone Deals!

Phone Options Include:

  • Basic Flip Phones
  • Smart Phones
  • iPhone, Android & Windows Mobile
  • 3G / 4G Compatible
  • CDMA, GSM-A, GSM-T & PCS Phones
  • Bring Your Own Phone
Cellular Phone

Integrated ILD

International Long Distance

New Lower Rates:

  • Australia$0.0122
  • Brazil$0.0105
  • Canada$0.0034
  • China$0.0077
  • Germany$0.0068
  • India$0.0126
  • Israel$0.0033
  • Italy$0.0042
  • Japan$0.0158
  • Mexico City$0.0034
  • Netherlands$0.0090
  • Norway$0.0158
  • Peru$0.0121
  • UK$0.0023
Mobile Wallet Program

Mobile Wallet Program

The New Standard for Managing Money

Mobile Wallet Program Uses:

  • Customers can use the mobile wallet platform to transfer money to other users.
  • Best Cellular dealers can use the mobile wallet as a way to purchase wholesale plans at cost and instantly be billed at wholesale. This allows dealers to keep the profit from each replenishment, right off the top!
Become A Distributor

Become a Dealer

Earn High Monthly Residuals & Maintain Your Customer Base

Distributor Program:

  • Become a Best Cellular Premium Retailer or Dealer and earn the highest industry commissions on a monthly basis
  • Option to launch your own private label wireless brand
  • Access to a Full Turnkey Web-based Dealer Portal
  • Distributors have the ability to sell all major US Carriers, International Long Distance/VOIP Services
  • Dealers collect their commissions in REAL TIME at the point of sale
  • We're helping entrepreneurs all over the USA open their own Best Cellular stores!
  • We love our dealers and we understand that you are the most important part of building quality relationships with new customers! A happy dealer plus a happy customer equals good business for everyone!